Marti MacEwan, MA can help with public speaking anxiety or other performance fears.Got stage fright? Fear of public speaking? Marti can help you.

Whether for you it’s public speaking anxiety or any other form of performance fear – fear of singing, acting, leadership, interviews, video, even sales and marketing – Marti MacEwan, MA, will help.

Marti MacEwan is highly experienced professional therapist and ‘Stage Fright Coach’ with a specific specialty in any kind of stage fright, performance anxiety or public speaking anxiety.

Marti is the author of The Stage Fright Cure book and video program and offers private coaching either live in Seattle or via internet anywhere in the US or Canada. 

If you are facing an upcoming or ongoing speaking or performance situation, and have anxiety or fear about it, private coaching with Marti is the way to go. Overcoming your public speaking anxiety or other performance fears can change your life.


Why private coaching for public speaking anxiety or stage fright?

In all honesty, Marti’s Stage Fright Cure book with the companion videos may be all you need. In fact, she has heard from many how helpful the book and videos have been on their own.

That being said, the origins of every person’s public speaking anxiety or stage fright is unique to them. It is a result of each person’s past life events, psychology, beliefs, self-concept and emotional reactions that are surfacing as a “perceived emotional threat” in performance situations in the present.

The Stage Fright Cure book and videos will give you tremendous insight and specific mental, physical and situational techniques for handling those reactions. It will also show you a comprehensive mind-body ‘routine’ that will help dismantle those connections.

With Marti’s private attention, though, you get to your specific “heart of the matter” much more quickly and learn to apply not only the methods taught in the book and videos, but more – targeted specifically to the source or sources of your public speaking anxiety or fear of performing.


What happens in a coaching session?

In private coaching sessions, Marti knows how to zero in on the exact cause of your stage fright and apply the cure. She will bring her over 30 years of professional expertise as a therapist and coach to your individual circumstances and needs. She will show you how to dismantle the involuntary fight or flight response that is getting in the way of your best performance.

Marti has developed an original method that will calm your performance fears and maximize your focused confidence, whether your stage fright is mild or severe, whether you are famous and accomplished or just starting out, and in whatever arena.

In these private coaching sessions, you will have Marti’s personal attention, expertise, insight and follow-up to make sure you achieve your goal of comfort and confidence in whatever performance situation you are facing, no matter how small or large the venue.

She will show you her individually tailored techniques and you will learn them for yourself. They are yours to take with you to use anytime, anywhere.

Private coaching sessions for public speaking anxiety or other performance fears can be held either in Marti’s office in Seattle or from anywhere in the US or Canada via secure internet video.


How do I set up a free half hour consultation or one hour private coaching session?

To contact Marti about one-on-one coaching sessions call 206-362-8167 or email marti@stagefright.comuse the private message form or the scheduling links in the sidebar or on the homepage.


“I can help you, I promise.”



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