With the Stage Fright Cure, you can be free of your
stage fright or fear of public speaking.

What is stage fright?

Marti’s definition is: “the fear of offering anything for someone else’s consideration or enjoyment”.

Every person’s physical experience of stage fright, and the circumstances that trigger it, is unique.

Physically, you may experience it as a pounding heart, a buzzy feeling, trembling, cold clammy hands and feet, tension, nausea, or difficulty concentrating or responding to your surroundings.

For you, stage fright may take the form of speaking, singing, playing music or writing. It may surface in front of an audience of one, or a few, or thousands. There may be a formal stage involved or not. It might be in business, the professions, the arts, sales, education or personal situations.

Each person’s pattern of reaction is different.

Marti says: Bottom line, though, fear or anxiety in any setting is ‘impeded energy’ caused by perceived threatThe opposite, comfort and confidence, is ‘unimpeded energy’ in the presence of perceived safety.”

The stage fright symptoms you are feeling are evidence of that impeded energy being triggered in your system.  The cure is to unimpede your energy.

The cure, though, is to unimpede your energy in the face of your usual trigger situations.

When we do that, those uncomfortable physical sensations are no longer triggered and you no longer have stage fright.

And it can be done.

What causes stage fright?

The underlying cause is that, for some reason, your conscious or unconscious system perceives the situation you are in as an emotional threat.

That perceived threat triggers the fight, flight or freeze response in your brain and physical system.

To truly eliminate performance anxiety, we need to discover and eliminate the personal inner threat that is causing your reaction.

Those sensations are triggered from the inside – from your unique psychology, personal history, circumstances and unique fear response.

Marti’s Stage Fright Cure will “disconnect” those associations and therefore the uncomfortable fight, flight or freeze sensations.

Marti knows the specific techniques to do that and move you from “impeded energy” to “unimpeded energy”, even under the same circumstances.

Think of it this way:

The only reason you say you have stage fright is that you experience those sensations, right?

If you didn’t, you wouldn’t.

When we calm the negative adrenaline response caused by the inner connections you have with the situation, your physical symptoms will calm down, too, and you will no longer say you have stage fright.

And you won’t.

What’s different about this approach?

Most approaches just teach you a variety of techniques to manage your stage fright at best. While those can be helpful, they are not a cure.

This approach cures your stage fright by actually eliminating the mind-body perceptual link that is producing your fear response in the first place.

This is not just a set of superficial suggestions, positive thinking, hypnosis or “mind over matter”.

This is a way to free your system of those stage fright symptoms altogether.

Without those nerves firing off in your body, you can be comfortable. Once you are comfortable, you can relax into your purpose and experience the true pleasure of freely presenting whatever you have to offer.

When you are comfortable, you can find that easy confidence whenever you are doing anything when you are the center of attention.

Marti knows the true underlying cause of stage fright in all its forms and she knows the cure. Whether you choose the Stage Fright Cure book and video combination, the Stage Fright Cure Online Course or the intensive Private Coaching Package, she will guide you to the place where you, too, can say, “I used to have stage fright, but I don’t anymore!”

Can Marti speak to my group?

Absolutely. Marti would be delighted to be a guest on your podcast, meet with your group over Zoom or Skype, be interviewed in any setting, or make a live presentation to your group, meeting or conference when we are meeting in person again.

You can contact her about speaking either by email at marti@stagefright.com, by calling 206-362-8167, or booking a time to chat further by using the “Let’s Talk” link.

Is this for real?

Yes. Without a doubt. The Stage Fright Cure and the Rapid Relief Process(tm) are definitely for real. There is a cure for stage fright and it works.

Marti would love to show you. Please contact her.

“What a tremendously valuable, insightful, hopeful and kind workshop! Thank you to Marti, and ALL of the fine participants who made this a peak learning experience!”

P. O. – Job Seeker

How Marti can help you

All forms of The Stage Fright Cure include Rapid Relief Process™
and the Rapid Relief from Stress and Distress online class.

The Stage Fright Cure Book with Companion Videos

You can overcome any fears of performing or speaking you may have. This book takes you through a personal “workshop” of sorts, and includes companion videos of the Rapid Relief Process™, an original, comprehensive application of the mind/body techniques that will dissolve your worries and fears.

The Stage Fright Cure
Online Course

An in-depth, complete, personalized course with 6 self-paced modules, each with videos, lessons and activities in a “workshop” style. You will track your progress throughout.The Stage Fright Cure Online Course provides you with the latest information, hands on application, and ongoing support. 

Private Coaching

Marti’s Private Coaching Package includes 8 full-hour private sessions plus her personal guidance through the Stage Fright Cure Online Course. With the advantage of Marti’s immediate expert attention, you get right to the “heart of the matter” — with remedies tailored specifically to your personal situation.

Have more questions? Feel free to reach out.


Schedule a complimentary 30-minute conversation with Marti to learn more about the Stage Fright Cure and the tools
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Announcement: the Rapid Relief from Stress and Distress online class at no fee.

Because of the times we’re in, I am offering the Rapid Relief from Stress and Distress 2-hour online class at no fee.

This class will help with performance fears, yes, but also any other stress or distress you may be experiencing.

If you are interested in knowing more, email me here. I will send you the full description, upcoming schedule and link to register.