Do you suffer from Stage Fright? Fear of Public Speaking?
Performance Anxiety? Imposter Syndrome?

Marti MacEwan, MA, LMHC, says stage fright is
“the fear of doing anything for someone else’s consideration or enjoyment”,

and she knows you don’t have to live with it in any form.

Watch Marti’s introduction to the Stage Fright Cure.

Marti has created a FREE e-book that will explain The Stage Fright Cure in even more depth.
You will discover how you can achieve true comfort and confidence in any performing situation, on or off the stage.

Marti MacEwan - author of The Stage Fright Cure for stage fright, performance anxiety and fear of public s peaking.

From Stage Fright Expert, Marti MacEwan, MA, LMHC

I am a highly experienced, long-time professional counselor and coach, trainer and speaker.  But more importantly, I can truly say: “I used to have stage fright, but I don’t anymore.” 

And I want you to be able to say the same thing.

I have helped hundreds in business, academics, the professions and performing arts become comfortable with speaking, presenting, leadership, interviews, test taking, auditions, performances, audio, video, writing and more.

I can help you, too.

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Most people give you tips to manage performance nerves, not cure them.
But Marti MacEwan’s method will free you from stage fright, performance anxiety or fear of public speaking – in any setting.
A real cure would have to make a lasting change, not just be a band-aid for the moment.
With The Stage Fright Cure, you can be free!

“This is a unique approach to overcoming any kind of stage fright or fear of public speaking.
Take it from me. Marti’s method is really different and it really works.”

T. R. – Law Student

Stage Fright Cure Book and companion videos is a total program for overcoming stage fright, performance anxiety and the fear of public speaking.

The Stage Fright Cure Book with Companion Videos

“From the very first chapter, Marti’s book has helped me. The way she lays out The Stage Fright Cure is so right on. She offers a perspective and a process that is unique and immediately helpful.”

The Stage Fright Cure book with companion videos is written with an interactive format. Marti walks you through her comprehensive approach to freeing yourself from the limiting grip of stage fright in all its forms.

A cornerstone of The Stage Fright Cure is the Rapid Relief Process™, an original mind/body method that literally dissolves the “fight, flight or freeze” response and the symptoms that go with it.  Included are companion videos demonstrating the techniques, showing you how to apply the Rapid Relief Process™ to your own situation.

Marti’s approach isn’t like anything you’ll find anywhere else.

The book is available in physical, audio and pdf formats.

The Stage Fright Cure Online Course

Also featuring the Rapid Relief Process™
This is an in-depth personalized interactive course with 6 self-paced modules based on Marti’s Stage Fright Cure live trainings. The Stage Fright Cure Online Course provides you with the latest information, hands on application, and ongoing email support.

“This course is extremely well done and thorough from beginning to end. All of the modules are clear and right on target. The support Marti offered was invaluable.”

Private Coaching

Marti MacEwan - author of The Stage Fright Cure for stage fright, performance anxiety and fear of public s peaking.

Not only have I benefited from Marti’s ability to pinpoint the underlying root cause of my issues, but I’ve received practical solutions and exercises to address them, along with meaningful executive coaching, which has been impactful. Marti has been a tremendous help for me professionally and personally.

Private Coaching with Marti offers you one-hour, confidential sessions as well as the Stage Fright Cure book with companion videos.

With the invaluable advantage of Marti’s expert personal attention, you get right to the “heart of the matter” — targeted specifically to the source and solution for your fear of speaking or performing.

You will learn to apply all of the methods taught in the book and videos, the Rapid Relief Process itself, and more strategies . . . all tailored to your unique history and circumstances.

Start your journey to freedom today.

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