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Stage fright, performance anxiety, fear of public speaking?
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In The Stage Fright Cure book and videos, Marti MacEwan, MA explains where performance anxiety comes from and why you have it – then walks you through the specific steps, including the Rapid Relief Process(tm), that will eliminate the symptoms that are interfering with your best performance.

Private Coaching

Marti MacEwan is a seasoned expert in helping you eliminate – not just manage – your nerves and fear so you can maximize your comfort and positive energy in any performance situation.  Marti offers in-person coaching in Seattle, or secure online coaching from anywhere in the US and Canada.

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Marti can bring her expertise to your group, live in the Greater Seattle area or online as a podcast guest, virtual speaker or interviewee. Marti is energetic, passionate, entertaining and always demonstrates the power of her approach. She brings warmth, wisdom and humor to every event.

Marti MacEwan, MA expert in performance anxiety, stage fright and fear of public speaking. Author of The Stage Fright Cure.

Marti MacEwan, MA, D-CEP

I know . . .

  • what stage fright is
  • what it feels like (I’ve had it myself)
  • why you have it, and most importantly
  • what to do about it!

After many years of personal and professional experience and observation, I have developed a unique method for overcoming (by that I mean being free of ) stage fright and fear of public speaking. I guarantee you will not find this method anywhere else.

You can use the button above to download my free article on The Stage Fright Cure – an in-depth explanation of what The Stage Fright Cure is and how it works. I will also keep you updated on upcoming events, tips and resources.

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If you are struggling with fear of public speaking, stage fright, performance anxiety or the ‘imposter syndrome’ to the extent that it is impacting your success, happiness or peace of mind, contact me.

I can help.

Marti MacEwan, MA, D-CEP