The Stage Fright Cure Book with Companion Videos

Available in physical, audio or pdf formats.
Featuring the Rapid Relief Process™

More than just a book.

All book formats listed below include the tutorial videos demonstrating how to apply the Rapid Relief Process™ to your stage fright, performance anxiety or fear of public speaking.

You will also find that the Rapid Relief Process™ is a powerful way to improve any area of your life.

The book + video bundle in any format is currently $37.


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You Can Present Your Best Self with Ease and Confidence

This book is for you if you want or need to be free of stage fright, performance anxiety, or fear of public speaking.

The book walks you through a personal workshop with self-assessment, in-depth awareness of what stage fright truly is where it comes from and the remedies that will make all the difference in your comfort and confidence.

Again, this is more than just a book. Each version of the book includes companion videos of the Rapid Relief Process™, an original, comprehensive application of the mind/body techniques that will dissolve your fears.

The videos will also show you how to apply the Rapid Relief Process™ to any area of your life.

”I could pinpoint where my fear of public speaking was within my body and make the connections I needed to understand why I had it. But most importantly, I learned tools to help it settle and dissolve. You will learn some unconventional but highly effective techniques to conquer your fear.”

L. H. – Graphic Designer

Other ways I can help you

The Stage Fright Cure Online Course

The online course is an in-depth, complete, personalized course with six self-paced modules, each with videos, lessons, and activities in a “workshop” style. You will track your progress throughout.The Stage Fright Cure Online Course provides you with the latest information, hands-on application, and ongoing support. 

Confidential Individual Coaching

Marti’s Private Coaching includes full-hour private, confidential one-on-one sessions over Zoom. With the advantage of Marti’s immediate expert attention, you get right to the “heart of the matter” — explicitly tailored to your unique situation and needs. By arrangement.

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