The Stage Fright Cure

Note:  These are just a few of the comments I’ve received over the years. These reviews are very real. Specific identities are kept confidential due to the private nature of the work.

The Stage Fright Cure and the Rapid Relief Process(TM)

I found your Rapid Relief Process to not only make sense, but it does what the name promises:  It gave me rapid relief and changed my energy state to one of “relaxed” rather than “anxious and tense.” Thank you! “
L.W. – Fortune 500 Consultant and Coach

“This is amazing. I would highly recommend that anyone who gets more than mild butterflies when speaking, singing, making calls, etc., work with Marti.”
M.K. – Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

Your “Stage Fright Cure” method is a highly effective gem! I now experience less anxiety while speaking in front of a group and in social situations. The exercises you taught me had led me to new freedom. For that, I am very grateful! Your book, The Stage Fright Cure, and the online videos offer clear instructions that make it all doable. Thank you! Thank you!
J. H. – Educator

“I wanted to extend my gratitude for what you gave us yesterday. The workshop was amazing. Such a gift!”
L.Z. – Business Owner

“Whenever I did any public speaking, I always had sweaty palms and rapid heartbeat beforehand. But what was uncomfortable were the internal shakes I would go through afterward. I would go over and over it in my mind, “How’d I do?, How’d I do?”. It got so that I hated the idea of speaking, but it is part of my job. I used your Rapid Relief Process before an important speech and was able to get up to speak without that extreme nervousness, only with pleasant anticipation. But it wasn’t until the next morning that I realized that I hadn’t felt any of that awful aftermath. I had just gone on with my day! Public speaking has been much more comfortable ever since.”
M. N. – Seminar Leader

“Great approach! I was able to pinpoint where my fear of public speaking was within my body and learn tools to help it settle and dissolve. I recommend this to anyone who fears public speaking or any kind of “performing.” Marti’s method is not your run-of-the-mill method. You will learn some unconventional techniques to conquer your fear.”
L. H. – Graphic Designer

“I highly recommend this to anyone. The tools are unique, valuable and can easily be used and accessed. Thank you so much, Marti, for creating a very safe environment. Most importantly, after the training I gave a presentation I never thought I could. Not only was I not nervous, I truly enjoyed it. Amazing.”
K. B. – National Association of Professional Women

“I’m excited and look forward to my next speaking opportunity (which is not my usual reaction)! I have Marti and her powerful knowledge to thank for this perspective! I highly recommend this! The tools include handouts, videos and her book to continue the journey. The group was the perfect size and everyone was supportive and authentic, making it a worthwhile event.”
P. H. – Financial Representative

“Very unique approach to overcoming stage fright that can work for many other types of fears as well…”
T. R. – Graduate Student

“What a tremendously valuable, insightful, hopeful and kind workshop! Thank you to Marti, and ALL of the fine participants who made this a peak learning experience!”
P. O. – Job Seeker


Private Coaching

“I worked with Marti MacEwan to address some public speaking challenges. Not only have I benefitted from her ability to pinpoint the underlying root cause of my issues, but I’ve received practical solutions and exercises to address these issues along with meaningful executive coaching, which has been an impactful combination. Marti has been a tremendous help for me professionally and personally, and I highly recommend her for people looking for a positive and productive path to confident public speaking and positive self-awareness.”

“Hey, Marti – this is really working!”

“There’s no way I would have the acting career I have now without the work I did with you.”

“Always before my anxiety has gotten a little better, but I had to work to stay there consciously. I feel a lot better this time, and it’s just how I am!”

“I wanted you to know that our sessions made a tremendous difference. The fear has lifted, so now my world includes so many more options. Thank you for the work you do. It continues to make a huge difference in my life.”

“Hi Marti, listen, I don’t know how this technique works, but I can tell you this much, the results are absolutely terrific. I’m a programmer, male, 42 years old. I had problems with fear of presenting myself to other people, especially after long programming sessions in my home. I was meditating all over the place, which brought some relief, but not what your technique accomplished in just a few minutes. This method is simply a miracle. Normally when a customer calls me with a problem I try to solve it via modem, but not now. Today I just jumped into my car and drove there (I make more money that way). 2 weeks ago, I would have thought that impossible. The change is so remarkable!”

“After years of struggle with low self-esteem, I found Marti. With the help of her techniques specifically, I have had a positive sense of myself for many years.”

“I have to say that my life has been so different, so positive ever since meeting you. Thank you SO MUCH for what you do! Thank you for giving me the tools I need to live a calmer, more peaceful life.”

“Thank you so much. It was amazing. Everything was very different for me. Taking that test was much easier and more comfortable than ever before.”

“Thank you. I am not scared anymore.” (age 10)

“I just wanted to let you know that I feel terrific after the session we had on Saturday. I felt terrific on Sunday, too. And Monday and Tuesday. I thought it would wear off by now, but it hasn’t. I feel like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders, so whatever we’re doing, it is really working.”

“I feel a world better. I feel so much calmer – calmer and accepting, not so frantic. Before that, I didn’t know how to live in the present without getting fearful. In the beginning, I thought, “oh, yeah – right.” Now I’m a dyed-in-the-wool believer. Now I am convinced that this has been the key to unlocking whatever made me miserable. My work with you has just been incredible.”