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Marti Talks About the Stage Fright Cure

More About Marti

Marti MacEwan - author of The Stage Fright Cure for stage fright, performance anxiety and fear of public s peaking.

Marti MacEwan is a long-time licensed professional counselor and coach specializing in stage fright, performance anxiety, and fear of public speaking for people in business, the arts, the professions, politics, and academics.

Marti’s approach is unique. It will calm your performance fears and increase your comfort and confidence in any setting. Marti is the co-developer with Stephanie Eldringhoff, MA, LMFT, of the Rapid Relief Process™, a vital part of the Stage Fright Cure.

She came to The Stage Fright Cure from her professional knowledge and personal experience. Marti had severe stage fright herself, so she knows how uncomfortable and limiting it can be.

She also knows how it feels to be free of it. Marti is fond of saying, “I used to have stage fright and I don’t anymore!” and she wants you to be able to say the same thing.

Marti helps people be comfortable speaking, presenting, leadership, performances, auditions, interviews, audio, video, and more.

How Can Marti Help You?

All forms of The Stage Fright Cure include the Rapid Relief Process™ videos.

Private Individual

Marti’s Private Coaching sessions are full-hour, confidential, intensive, private Zoom meetings. With the real-time advantage of Marti’s immediate expert attention, you are able to get right to the “heart of the matter” – the specific cause of your performance fears – and to remedies explicitly tailored to your situation and needs.

The Stage Fright Cure
Online Course

This course is an in-depth, complete, and personalized, with six self-paced modules, each with videos, lessons, and activities in a workshop style. You will track your progress throughout.The Stage Fright Cure Online Course provides you with the latest information, hands on application, and ongoing support. 

The Stage Fright Cure Book with Companion Videos

You can overcome any fears of performing or speaking you may have. This book takes you through a personal “workshop” of sorts. It includes companion videos of the Rapid Relief Process™, the original, comprehensive application of the mind/body techniques that will calm your nerves and relax your worries and fears.

Your “Stage Fright Cure” is a highly effective gem! I now experience less anxiety, not only while speaking in front of a group but also in social situations. Your approach has led to a new freedom for me. For that I am very grateful! Your book, The Stage Fright Cure, and the online videos offer clear instructions that make it all doable. Thank you! Thank you!

J. H. – Educator

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Rapid Relief from Stress and Distress online class at no fee.

Because of the times we are in, I am offering the Rapid Relief from Stress and Distress 2-hour online class at no fee.
This class will help with performance fears, yes, but also any other stress, or distress, you may be experiencing.
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