Your Stage Fright Cure Companion Videos

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About the Rapid Relief Process

These companion videos to The Stage Fright Cure book (below) will show you how to put The Stage Fright Cure and The Rapid Relief Process into practice. I want you to reap all of the benefits that will come with having more ease and confidence in any performance situation. Actually, in any situation.

I have been using with these techniques for nearly 20 years in my private practice and see them change people’s lives for the better every day.

You can go from stage fright to “Stage Freedom”, and beyond, to “Stage Flight”.  And by using the Rapid Relief Process for other issues, you can go from “Life Fright” to “Life Freedom” and beyond to “Life Flight”.

Please – read about these techniques in the Stage Fright Cure book first, to understand what they are designed to do, why they work and how to apply them to your stage fright and other personal issues. If you just watch the videos without that understanding, you may dismiss them out of hand and not give them a fair try, since they may be so unfamiliar to you.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me here.

Download the Tracking Sheet

Before starting the videos, download this printable pdf of the Rapid Relief Process Tracking Sheet for your own personal use. You will remember from the book, and see on the form, that you can identify any aspect or issue you want to work with. This form will help you track the differences in your experience after you do each exercise of the Rapid Relief Process and track your overall progress.

Take note of which routines are most effective for you and keep track of what changes you experience over time and then look back at the cumulative effect of those changes.

Video 1: Introduction to The Rapid Relief Process (About 3 minutes.)

The Rapid Relief Process is a five exercise routine that you can use to diminish your Stage Fright or any other emotional issue in your life. The Rapid Relief Process is a comprehensive method developed by myself and Stephanie Eldringhoff, MA, LMFT, based on our 20 years of experience with a variety of mind-body emotional healing techniques that we have seen bring amazing beneficial results to our clients with a variety of issues, including phobias, anxiety, etc. and works very well with stage fright.

Video 2: The Rapid Relief Cross Weave and Collarbone Breathing (About 8 minutes.)

These techniques are designed to break up “frozen” energy and promote mental clarity and focus. Often when we have stage fright we get that “deer in the headlights” feeling, we hold our breath, we can’t think clearly or fluently. There is a lack of coordination between the left and right brain, body and energy systems. These exercises can help get our energies out of that stuck, frozen state and get us back in touch with our ability to think clearly and respond fluidly in the moment.

Video 3: The Rapid Relief Energy Sweep (About 5 minutes.)

The Rapid Relief Energy Sweep is designed to clear, strengthen and coordinate all of your energy systems. It is a powerful exercise to calm your nerves and help you feel grounded and expansive. People consistently say they feel more secure, confident and energized after doing the Rapid Relief Energy Sweep.

This is a great technique to use to get grounded and filled with positive energy right before performance situations – indeed before any situation.

Video 4; The Rapid Relief Energy Reset. (About 5 minutes.)

This is another comprehensive routine that is quick and easy to use. It is a favorite of many of my private clients for calming any upset or agitated energy. Pick your focus of attention while using this technique and notice the change for the better.

The last section of the exercise, the “wrist-hold and breathing” section, is great by itself when you want to calm your nerves in an inconspicuous way. People have used this trick while sitting in meetings, waiting to go on stage, before an interview and more.

Video 5: Setting the Change – The Brain Integration Technique. (About 3 minutes.)

Once you have made a change in your inner experience using the four main routines of the Rapid Relief Process, the Brain Integration Technique will “set” the change into your brain so that the new, improved state will be recognizable and therefore more easily accessed in future situations.

Tapping on the back of the hand point, the Triple Warmer meridian in acupuncture, while mentally acknowledging your new state keeps the energy calm while you activate various parts of the brain. It helps the changes “hold”.

Video 6: In Closing (About 3 minutes.)

This video reviews the principles of the Rapid Relief Process and gives you further tips for using it with any experience of stage fright you may have. I also encourage you to use it for any other area of your life where you experience emotional distress that lessens your ability to function at your very best.

Some issues will clear up quickly, and some may take more time or be more complex and need to be “dismantled” a piece at a time. If you need help or suggestions about how to apply the Rapid Relief Process to your stage fright or to your life, please don’t hesitate to contact me using the link in the menu bar above.

By using the Rapid Relief Process continually to diminish negative reactions and strengthen positive ones, you will truly be able to say, “I used to have stage fright, but I don’t anymore!”  – and – make significant positive changes in other areas of your life as well.

Remember – these routines will only shift your inner experience for the better if you use them. So give them a try and let me know what you experience. You can send me a personal note at, or set up a conversation using the Let’s Talk link in the main menu.

I will be notifying you when there are more resources here in the Members Area so that you can get the most out of The Stage Fright Cure.

With warmest regards,