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About Seattle Speaker, Coach and Trainer, Marti MacEwan

Marti MacEwan, MA, is an excellent trainer and speaker. Every presentation is energetic, informative, entertaining, and concretely useful, demonstrates the immediate effects of her original approach to personal performance – and life.

Marti is available for one-time speaking engagements, break-outs, a one-day training or a training series for your company or organization.

Marti will speak to your association, organization, management team, sales team, sports team, band, staff, cast members, musicians, or any other kind of group. about getting over any reticence, tension or fear and maximizing positive, cohesive energy, so they can perform their best together and reap the rewards.

Marti MacEwan is a long time professional counselor, coach and Seattle speaker. Because of the privilege of knowing thousands of individuals and relationships in her private practice, her depth of wisdom and inspiration is extensive.

Seattle speaker, Marti MacEwan, will bring always bring your audience

  • her positive, humorous, human and inspiring style,
  • extensive professional and personal wisdom and experience,
  • her unique approaches to optimal performance, team building, communication, leadership and personal well-being
  • thought-provoking universal messages that apply to each and every audience and each and every aspect of our lives.

Some of her favorite titles include:

  • The Stage Fright (and Life Fright)  Cure
  • Marti’s Radical Rules for Constructive Conversation with Anyone
  • Finding Your Inner Leader
  • Navigating the Seven C’s of Relationship
  • What You May Not Know About Yourself
  • Working Well Together: Maximizing Positive Energy and Impact in Every Group Project

And . . .

Marti’s message isn’t limited to stage fright or even optimal performance. She has a more universal and profound message to deliver. She uses each topic as a jumping off point and a metaphor and inspiration for life.

Let’s face it. We are all human. We all have knee-jerk emotional responses that can cause problems for us in our inner lives, relationships and outer world. (Well, okay, not you, but everyone else.)

In a delightfully human way, Marti shows us how we can eliminate reactions that limit us in any situation, so we can transform our career, business and personal relationships, love, artistic endeavors and play.

In Marti’s words,

     “When you shift your inner world for the better,
it will bring an abundance of benefit to you,
your life circumstances and everyone around you.”

Marti will show you, and your audience, how.

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