The Stage Fright Cure book with companion videos.

Stage Fright Cure Book and companion videos is a total program for overcoming stage fright, performance anxiety and the fear of public speaking.Stage Fright? Fear of Public Speaking?

Marti MacEwan, MA, can help

because she knows:

what it is,
why you have it,
where it comes from,
and most important –

what to do about it.



In The Stage Fright Cure book with included companion videos, author Marti MacEwan will help you perform at your best. 

Whether or not there is an actual stage or formal audience involved, stage fright can affect anyone in any performance situation. As a result of her extensive professional experience, Marti MacEwan, MA, LMHC, has written The Stage Fright Cure book that includes companion tutorial videos.

In her book, Marti shares her unique and revolutionary approach to freeing yourself from the limiting grip of stage fright in all its forms. This approach isn’t like anything you’ll find elsewhere.

Here she gives you a fresh understanding of your stage fright, combining neuroscience, biochemistry, the leading edge of psychology and her own extensive professional experience.

Then she gives you practical, down to earth techniques that can eliminate your stage fright from the inside out. She presents it all in an understandable, entertaining style that makes The Stage Fright Cure a fascinating and useful read.

Marti is a long-time professional counselor and coach, seminar leader, professional speaker, singer and songwriter and she brings all of that experience to helping people get over any kind of performance fear.

When you order the stage fright cure as a paperback, an audio book or the downloaded document, you will also have access to the online videos that accompany the book. These videos will give you a visual demonstration of the techniques presented in the book that you can follow along with and apply to your own situation.

Not only that, you will be automatically notified when more videos are added to the series. 

If you are limited by stage fright, please look into this. You will definitely be glad you did.


What happens after I purchase the book?

After you purchase any version of the book, you will receive instructions to access all of the companion videos. You will also be added to my announcement list for new videos added to the series, and other events and opportunities. (Of course, if you choose not to continue to receive those, you will still keep your private access to all of the companion videos to the book.)

Thank you in advance for your purchase and I wish you comfort and success in all of your performance situations.

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