Writing a Powerful Speech Introduction

"Please help me welcome . . ."  In most public speaking situations, the coordinators will ask you to provide your own written speech introduction for them to read (hopefully with some energy and enthusiasm). That's why at Toastmasters we ask speakers to provide a...

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Is Propanolol a Cure for Stage Fright?

A reader of my Stage Fright Cure Free Report has this question: Is Propanolol a cure for stage fright? (To order the Free Report, click the button over to the right.)  "Your article was very helpful. I have a question: Do you think the beta blockers that alot of...

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People Don’t Fear Public Speaking More Than Death!

You know how you're always hearing that people are more afraid of public speaking than death? It's all over the place. Jerry Seinfeld unwittingly popularized the idea when he joked: "This means to the average person, if you have to be at a funeral, you would rather be...

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Performance Simulator Helps Musicians Stage Fright.

This is so cool!  Here's the situation. "Musicians stage fright" is a very real thing, as many musicians know. Too often, music students (even working performers) don't get the chance to get comfortable being seen or heard by a live audience before they are faced with...

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Does It Take Years to Conquer Stage Fright?

The singer and actress, Bette Midler, who has been performing for over 40 years, revealed recently that it has taken her almost that long to conquer stage fright, but she finally has. Bette Midler?! But she's so fabulous! How can she have any stage fright to conquer?...

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Master a trembling voice in any speaking situation

Q. I am only afraid at the beginning of speaking in public, especially the moment I am about to open my mouth. Sometimes this leads to a trembling voice. However, after I start speaking, I calm down and become confident. Can you tell me how to overcome this? A. You...

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Public Speaking: Smooth Delivery

Q AND A: 5 Easy Steps to Mastering Those Um's and Ah'sQ. I say 'uh' and 'um' a lot in public speaking situations as well as conversations at work and in social settings, what impression does this give of me, and how can I stop?A. My response applies to any of those...

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Finding Your Natural Confidence

A CONFIDENCE SUCCESS STORY I have been working with a successful business owner to build his confidence with public speaking. He has always been quite comfortable in professional settings.  Except - and this is a big except - he couldn't control his extreme...

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5 Tips to Build Confidence as a Speaker or Performer

Want to build confidence in your speaking or performing? These 5 principles worked wonders in a private coaching session with a successful businessman who had a serious fear of public speaking. But they will be helpful in any performance situation where you want to...

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Do You Fear Speaking in Public?

Do you have speaking fear? Of all the forms stage fright takes, the majority of us fear speaking in public the most. There have been repeated polls suggesting that 40 to 45 percent of people have a fear of public speaking. That's nearly half!! The most common...

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